Thursday, 19 September 2013

Intro to Maya

So, the first two weeks after a two hard weeks working on the trailer project went with getting to know Autodesk Maya and how to animate in the program. I learned how to use the graph editor, but I really like to work in stepped frames. I still need to learn a lot, but I'm starting to like this a lot!
Most of the assignments we already did in 2D on first year, so we already knew all the basics, which was nice!

The second assignment we got was about to make three balls with different weight.

For the third assignment we had to animate a ball that was moving in a room.

In the fourth assignment we were given a Luxo lamp with 4 controllers, it was really difficult, but in the end I got the hang of it.

Then we had two days for animating a Luxo lamp with personality. 
Mine is an old lady who has to suddenly run for her life.

The last assignment we given was about to make balls move to the beat of music.
This is what I ended up doing. :)

Intro to Maya

For the last three days of our first school year at the Animation Workshop we were introduced to the program that we're going to use next year, Maya.
We made some small assignments in the beginning just to get to know the program, which was really nice. I ended up making a picture of one of the characters from Team Fortress 2 that I really love!
It was a nice year and I wish I could take another :)